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Head Start (HS)

Our Head Start mission is to provide comprehensive high quality services to educate children, empower families and engage communities.

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Head Start Testimonials

  • My daughter has blossomed in a school setting. I feel confident she is ready for Kindergarten and future school success. This has helped her and we love to see her happy and ready!
  • My son has improved immensely in his speech this past year. The teachers have been excellent working with him and we couldn’t ask for a better group of understanding staff.
  • The program has helped us with developing her social skills and articulation, helped alleviate the stress of preparing her for Kindergarten and gave us the one-on-one opportunities with younger siblings.
  • My child has really come out of his shell. He has loved to learn new things and has learned how to communicate well with “typical” children. His speech is improving as well as his concentration and writing.
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Our agency works towards creating a network of support for everyone and focuses on building self-reliance and providing aid. We use outreach and programs to help change lives and give hope, and make our community a better place to live.